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We'll be open on Memorial Day weekend!

Finally, we've been out and about over at the Resort getting ready to open up! This spring has not cooperated at all, but I don't think we're the only ones who have had bad weather. Nonetheless, we've been at the Resort taking care of business. We had some downed trees and had to have the electric company in to fix some lines, and of course, we've been raking and picking up sticks and cleaning up the grounds just like we do every spring. You can't imagine the amount of sticks and brush that falls over the winter. And for some reason, this past winter has been exceptionally windy. There were times when we walked to get our mail that we had to stop along the road and wait for the gusts to stop. We were afraid of trees blowing over. Yes, it was that bad!

With all that has to be done to get ready for the summer season, our kids had suggested we check with a local 4-H group, church group, or some sort of group that might be looking for some money for their organization. It just so happened that we saw an advertisement in our local newspaper about a wrestling group looking to make some money for tournament fees and such. We have enlisted their help, will hire them for as long a time as they can spend, and they can do odd jobs for us. As of this writing, Ted has 46 piles of brush and leaves for them, and he's only gotten from the entrance of the Resort to between the Beech and Maple cabins! He figures each pile will take about two wheelbarrows full to pick up. Hopefully these kids can help us out with this. Believe me, at our age, it will be well worth the money spent! Once the grounds are back up to snuff, then we can start to open the cabins up and get to our spring cleaning. We're in our 56th year...hard to believe! Come and see us this summer. The U.P. is waiting for you!!

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