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Check-in procedure

We're so glad you're joining us for a stay!  Check-in is pretty easy.  Please make sure you have paid your invoice and also your damage deposit before your visit.  Also, it would be best if you would PRINT out the directions from the tab on the website.  You will lose cell service at some point, so it would help if you had those directions to get you into the Resort.  Also, it is strongly recommended you arrive before dark!  There aren't enough ways to stress this.  It gets PITCH BLACK at night in the forest, and there are no street lights.  You need to do everything in your power to arrive before dark!

Upon driving into the Resort, you will drive around the big brown Pine cabin and straight ahead to our Resort Office sign.  The sign points to the office door.  Stop your car, go to the door and enter the office, and there you will find a white card with your last name on it laying on the office desk.  Flip that card over to the backside to see the highlighted directions to your cabin.  Once you arrive at your cabin, you will see a bright colored card with your last name on it verifying you're in the right place.  If it's late, there will be a light on for you helping to guide you to the right cabin.  That's it!  Your cabin is open and the keys are inside.  Get unpacked and familiarize yourself with the Resort and all it has to offer.  We will catch up with you at some point during your stay!   

Check-out procedure

Please follow these easy check-out rules:

1.  Please leave the cabin unlocked with the key in its proper location where you found it upon arrival. 

2.  Remove all trash, bag it up, and deposit it in the green canisters up by the office as you exit.  You don't have to wait all week to remove your trash and can use the canisters anytime, but please before you leave, take the last of your trash.  

3.  Please wash all dishes, dry them, and put them away before you leave. 

4.  Please strip the sheets off the beds and leave them in a pile on each bed.  

5.  Please give your rugs a shake and just pile them inside the door of the cabin or on your porch upon departure.  

6.  Make sure you have all of your items!!

7.  We do have a cleaning service that we pay for.  Please follow these procedures or an additional cleaning fee will be charged to your card on file.  

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