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If you've never had a pasty, I would suggest a stop along your route to pick you up several of these to have for one meal during your stay with us! They're so easy! Just pop them in the oven, and your meal is done. They come in all different flavors and sizes. They typically consist of some sort of meat and potatoes, but I've seen cheeseburger, venison, breakfast with sausage and eggs in it, and even turkey, sage and onion with cranberries. Give this link a couple minutes of your time. It explains how these came to be.,warm%20up%20to%2010%20hours.

If you're coming to the Resort from south of Mackinac Bridge, then stop at Hiawatha Pasties on U.S. 2 about 30 minutes west of there (Naubinway) and grab yours. If you're coming from the Wisconsin side, the Midway Store just down the road from us has them! They get theirs from Lawry's out of Marquette, and the local expert pasty maker in our woods claims these are as close to hers as it gets (and hers are hands-down the best). Midway sells them for $5.00 each.

These can be eaten either with ketchup or sausage gravy, and if you ask anyone in the U.P. which way it should be done, they'll be very biased towards their personal choice. I've had them both ways. Obviously with sausage gravy, they're more filling; but I like them with ketchup too. It depends on time I suppose. If you're exhausted from sightseeing all day and want something quick, then ketchup is the way to go.

These aren't the only two places that have pasties. They're in grocery stores, and most of the major towns have them (Munising, Marquette and Escanaba). I honestly don't think there's a 'bad' pasty. Give them a try!

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