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Burson's Delta Resort, Manistique, MI

Telephone: 1-906-573-2779

Reservations:  1-563-340-6777

Delta Resort Forum

Lots and lots of information to make your stay even better!

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Bath towels, kitchen towels, paper towels, read all about it here!

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Sightseeing opportunities, day trips, you name it!

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  • I've mentioned it before, I know, but it needs to be reiterated. You HAVE to visit some waterfalls while you're up at the Resort! Many of these are within miles of us. You can pick a few or a lot to see in one day, and they definitely won't disappoint! Here's a link/map to give you an idea how close we are to them (we are located on the Schoolcraft/Delta County Line). Alger County has the most, which is up towards Munising and around that area, just to give you an idea of the proximity of a lot of these. And as far as that goes, Marquette County has some beautiful falls as well if you want to venture a little further. If you do visit some of these, be sure to come back and post your thoughts/photos in the forum for other Resort guests!
  • If not, this would make a great day trip while in the U.P. Check out these links to see what the State Park has to offer!
  • We'd love to see pictures that you took while on vacation in the U.P. Pictures are worth 1000 words! Post yours here so others can see; the fish you caught, scenery, wildlife, attractions....the list goes on. Honestly, it's hard sometimes for people to envision what the Resort is like. We welcome your photos!