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Early summer beauty in the U.P.

Sure, it was a late spring, no question about it. But look at the flowers now! Things are finally starting to warm up and the very last of the snow has melted. The pictures aren't in order, but here's a quick rundown; the Forget-Me-Nots are in full bloom down the back road and along the side road of the Resort. The pictures don't do these justice! We have Lady Slippers in the woods down towards the lake in several areas. We put wires around them to protect them, because they are so rare anymore! They aren't on Michigan's endangered or protected list, but we're doing our part to protect them here at the Resort. We used to have a lot more of them, so they aren't as abundant as they used to be! And last but not least, the picnic area awaits....we're officially open this coming weekend. Reservations are being made and we've had to turn people away because we're full for certain dates. If you're thinking about your vacation but haven't pinpointed your dates yet, just send Dana a quick text (563-340-6777) or email ( and check on availability. Bring on June!!

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