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To answer your questions about grilling out by your cabin

The question most commonly asked by vacationers to the Resort is, "Can we bring our grill and grill outside the cabin?" Unfortunately, that answer is always no. We only allow grills in the firepit area, and for good reason. See the picture of the cabin? It's surrounded by pine needles. Those don't ever go away. If a spark were to accidentally get in those needles, it would burn things so fast you wouldn't even be able to get to the phone fast enough to call 911 before things would go up in flames. Not only that, but the needles literally go right up to the cabin walls. Not only would the pine needles burn, but so would the cabin. Just a couple of weeks ago, a roadside mower sparked this fire further North of us and it caused quite a bit of damage (middle picture). We just can't take chances on sparks or flames throughout the Resort potentially causing a fire to the cabins, which could also then set the entire forest on fire. More often than not, we are under a fire danger or extreme fire danger during the summer. This is also why we don't allow smoking at the Resort. You can use the firepit area as often as you like while on your stay (the last picture). As you can see, it is surrounded by sand and a perfect spot for grilling or a bonfire. We have to use common sense when it comes to grilling and fires, and hope you all understand why!

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