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Spring has sprung!?!?

Spring Greetings 2018

Well, the calendar says Spring has begun, but something happened in the U.P of Michigan. We are still having winter. The snow keeps coming! We had 9 inches of snow on March 31. We thought it might be "April Fools", but no, it was real. So, we wait for the ice to leave the lake and the snow to melt. We saw some swans fly over, but they didn't land on the ice. We saw a couple of sandhill cranes over by Escanaba when we were out and about, but nothing around here yet. The owls are hooting and the skunks are roaming about, so Spring is on its way!

We have made some changes for the Resort for the upcoming season. The girls are taking on more responsibility to free us up some. Dana (our oldest daughter) is now taking reservations over the internet through the new website or by text to her mobile number. She has updated our site, and it's looking awesome! We are also now accepting PayPal in the event you want to pay with a credit card and not by personal check for your reservation. This is more of a convenience for you and just adds a small 3% fee to your bill.

We are planning on hiring some help for me cleaning cabins when Jill (our youngest daughter) can't be here. Other than those two things, we will still be very involved and plan on keeping our place "as usual". Wednesday night potlucks are still on each week and we hope to continue to provide a pleasant, quaint, quiet place for you to vacation. We raised our prices after 9 years and we hope that will meet with your approval.

Dana plans to post this Spring letter on the web page, but I will be sending some hard copies to those that don't get on the internet much.

A quick note from Dana: Hi all! I have a favor, if you can take some time for it (2 minutes, tops!). When you go out to Google, search for Burson's Delta Resort. On the right hand side, you'll see Cabin #3, Maple, and a map on how to get to the Resort. If you'll scroll down from that, there is a place to write a review. We more than appreciate all of your Facebook reviews while we did our February promotion, but....those Facebook reviews don't make it out to Google for the average person to see that knows nothing about the Resort. If you have a second, would you post your review out there as described above? You can either copy and paste from the one on Facebook, or create a new on Google. No promotion attached to it this time, but it would be much appreciated! Thank you!!

After 55 years, we are still here and plan to be around a LOT longer. We value your business and your friendship over this time. We have so many wonderful memories with you all! Hope to see you soon!!

Ted and Louise

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