Located in the heart of the Hiawatha National Forest midway between Manistique and Munising at the junction of Thunder Lake Road and Foote Lake Road.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 Spring Greetings from Burson's Delta Resort

We are anxiously awaiting the snow to melt in places, the roads to dry out, and warmer temps to arrive; then we can say spring has arrived!

It was quite a fall for us after we had a busy summer of 2016.  In September, we started making trips every three weeks to either Rochester or Maplewood, Minnesota, for Ted to receive chemo for a couple of small spots below his windpipe due to the prostate cancer.  We could stay with a good friend's son who lived there, so we would go the day before he would get his “poison” as he called it, and then drive home 8 hours the next day.  We had good weather and then the last scan in January showed no cancer…..GOD IS GOOD!!

Also in December, we saved a trumpeter swan from the icy lake and it didn’t fly away with the others.  After getting it up the hill from the lake (me pushing Ted), it spent the night in our downstairs bathtub.  It was so weak.  We finally found a vet at KI Sawyer who would look at it as she thought it had lead poisoning.  What a wonderful place!  They did x-rays and sure enough, he was full of lead.  They doctored him and just last week he was taken to Iowa to a rehab facility.  Mr. Hisser (as Ted called him) will be a foster father with the cygnets there, as he has heart trouble from the effects of the lead and would not survive back in the wild.  We wondered about his mate (as they mate for life typically), and sure enough, last week she returned (Ted could identify her) with a new mate. 

Other than those two events, we enjoyed all the family again for Christmas here.  Brandon is working and snowmobiling when and wherever he can.  He and some friends were up to the UP several times this past winter.  Colby is a freshman at Iowa State and just finished Spring football and is working hard on his Agricultural Engineering degree.  Wyatt is a freshman at UW Stevens Point and loving the musical theater program.  He had one part in a play…he was a corpse.  Gotta start somewhere!  Hannah is a junior in high school and is doing great with her studies.  She played volleyball and basketball and got several UP honors.  Dalaney is in 4th grade and was the manager for Hannah’s basketball team.  She loves to read and she is growing up fast.  She has her own sketch book and does a lot in that.  Scotty is in 3rd grade and is still bowling and participating in karate.  They are busy families!

We will be starting our 55th summer at the resort.  We have so many fond memories.  Keep in touch if you don’t plan a trip our way.

Ted and Louise