Located in the heart of the Hiawatha National Forest midway between Manistique and Munising at the junction of Thunder Lake Road and Foote Lake Road.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can't believe the warm weather we have had this last week. 77* and new records all around us. The deer are back and enjoying our newly planted grass.....we fixed a make-shift fence that they jumped right over.....so much for that. All my flowers are peeking through, so I sprayed them with my "deer off. It's one egg, one cup of milk, mixed up well and put in a quart of water in a spray bottle....it smells awful at first, but that goes away and it doesn't harm the plants. Worked last year, so I'm trying it again.
Ted has the swallow boxes around the lake cleaned out and ready. He stood on the ice just two days ago, not now....there is only a little ice way down at the south end of the lake. Swans, ducks, muskrats are busy on the lake. An otter sat on the ice the other AM eating a fish.
Ted is busy raking and picking up the zillions of pine cones at the Resort. It's a little early to start getting the cabins ready, but if the weather stays like this we will start getting ready for our 49th season.....WOW!!!!!

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  1. burson delta resort is an amazing place and you desribe its beauty in awesome way , i really appericiated your work, thanks for sharing with us,keep it up.