Located in the heart of the Hiawatha National Forest midway between Manistique and Munising at the junction of Thunder Lake Road and Foote Lake Road.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New pictures at bursonsdeltaresort@shutterfly.com

I THINK I have pictures now on our web page or blog, but you can see them also at bursonsdeltaresort@shutterfly.com Hope this works. I've been off line as my computer was down. The summer is winding down, but we still have people wnating to come in Sept/Oct. to see the color and enjoy the Fall in the UP of MI.......Hope all is well with you. Ted and Louise

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy August 4, 2012

Today is a special day for Ted and I...it's our 49th wedding anniversary. we were married in Oskaloosa, Iowa, two days after I had graduated from Wm Penn College. He had graduated in May, but I needed more hours to make up a year. We had our teaching jobs all lined up at Blue Grass and Walcott, Iowa where we were going to rent an apartment. We honeymooned at the Resort. We had just bought it in June with his parents. We have many fond memories over these past years of our summers and now our full time living in this beautiful paradise. The summer is going fast. All the cabins are rented this week, so we will be busy making sure they have everything they need and hopefully, we will all gather around the campfire on Wed. night for our weekly potluck. It's fun to see everyone having a good time. Next year(2013) we will be doing a 50/50 as we will in busiess and be married 50 years. God willing we will celebrate someway. Hope all of you are having a good summer and the HOT weather hasn't been too bad. A nice SW breeze is keeping us cool today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer is in full swing

We are into July now and seem to be keeping busy at the resort. It hasn't developed as I wanted, because on June 30, I was coming home from the reoort on my bike after sitting around the camp fire with my sister and family that had just arrived. I started up the hill toward our driveway and knew I couldn't peddle all the way, so stopped, got off and my left foot was kinda down in the ditch where the water runs (when it rains). As I went to take my right leg over my bike to push it on up the hill, I lost my balance, and THUD on the ground I went. A trip to the ER, later x-ray and CAT scan revealed I cracked the ball of my left hip....so to Marquette for a partial replacment of hip on Sunday, home on Tuesday, and I'm recouping at home, Weren't we smart when we built our log home to put a bedroom downstairs on first floor, a bath/sit down shower and higher toilets in the bathrooms. I'm doing well, have the staples out, graduated to a cane from the walker, and continue my exercises under the supervision of my personal trainer, Ted. He is doing double duty as nurse and housekeeper at the resort. That wilh all his work....shingling a roof on #3 right now. We have had many offers of help and will use them if needed later... I'm thankful that it wasn't worse. We will make it. God is good.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy, Busy at Delta Resort

We've had a busy May/June so far getting the cabins ready to begin our 49th season at Burson's Delta Resort. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had help from Dana and Colby from Iowa and Jill/Scott, Wyatt, Hannah, Dalaney, and Scotty from Crystal Falls...we put in boats, picked up zillions of pine cones, and cleaned cabins. Wow, did we appreciate ALL their help. Ted is working hard on the big cabin. We had the flrst floor floors sanded and sealed, then he rewired it all, and now he's building walls and trying to preserve the 1910 writings on the chimney by George Foote so all can see it. He did take some time out this AM, so it's bluegills for supper...Yummy.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Greetings

The sun is shining, but the wind still has a "chiily" feeling. We have heard from some customers wondering if we are okay, and yes, we are....just a little slow in getting our "Spring letter" out....Look for it in the next couple weeks. We were gone about 10 days in March and I ususally write it when we are on our trip south....(to Iowa) visiting our daughter and family. I have it already to go, just need to proofread it and then it will be on it's way.
Hope you are having Spring where you are. We are seeing the sandhill cranes, so all the other birds will be coming soon. Ted has seen the otters on the lake, and even a small mink at the shore feasting on some small bluegills. He continues to feed the deer.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can't believe the warm weather we have had this last week. 77* and new records all around us. The deer are back and enjoying our newly planted grass.....we fixed a make-shift fence that they jumped right over.....so much for that. All my flowers are peeking through, so I sprayed them with my "deer off. It's one egg, one cup of milk, mixed up well and put in a quart of water in a spray bottle....it smells awful at first, but that goes away and it doesn't harm the plants. Worked last year, so I'm trying it again.
Ted has the swallow boxes around the lake cleaned out and ready. He stood on the ice just two days ago, not now....there is only a little ice way down at the south end of the lake. Swans, ducks, muskrats are busy on the lake. An otter sat on the ice the other AM eating a fish.
Ted is busy raking and picking up the zillions of pine cones at the Resort. It's a little early to start getting the cabins ready, but if the weather stays like this we will start getting ready for our 49th season.....WOW!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Update

Snowing softly this AM...it drifts down and covers the pine trees around our log home. Ted has been out to feed the muskrats at the lake...he must chop a hole in the ice for the corn. We took a "short cut" coming home from getting the mail yesterday...got on the ice at the pier and walked over to the house.....there is about 10" of ice, not really enough for me...Ha. It's a funny feeling when you get out in the middle of the lake.
15 turkeys are coming each day, and we just had 3 pileated woodpeckers flying about. One big one landed on a birch tree outside the garage. We are hearing more birds.....wonder if Spring will be early?????
Hope all of you had a sweet Valentine's Day.
Ted is excited about getting a '28 Model A sedan, all restored...it is in the heated garage here and he's out there most of the day.....sighing or ? whatever you do. It is a beauty. I will TRY to get some pictures on the site.
Have a good day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012

Here we are with not much snow and temps some days in the 40's.....really a strange winter. We are not open but I feel for those who depend on the snow and cold for their business. Of course, we know that winter in not over. We can get 10-12" at t time. Ted has only blown our road and over at the Resort 2x this winter SO FAR.
He is recaulking windows from the cabins, then painting or varnishing them. To save some steps, last week he went across the ice to Cabin 6....said there was at least 10" of ice, so I shouldn't worry. He continues to feed the 14 turkeys that come each day, and lo and behold, one of the warm days of last week, 4 trumpter swans flew in, skidded on the ice to the "water/feed hole", but I think they have gone to warmer waters for awhile.
We hope you are warm and cozy where ever you are.....until next time......

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year from the Burson's....We didn't have much snow for Christmas, but we are making up for it now. The snowflakes are swirling around outside this morning and it looks like we have about 6" so far. It is piled up on our deck posts here at Hemlock Hill, our log home. We have the woodstove casting a warm glow and we are snug as a bug. Time to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful area....may get our '77 Skidoo snowmobile out for a spin later. The trees are frosted and looking across the marsh it's a hazy view. Ted has been out to do his "chores", feed the birds and chop a hole in the ice for the muskrats and feeds them corn. We have only two turkeys coming, hoping for the 17 we had last year. We'll walk/jog soon.....I love to scuff my feet through the snow.
Hope you are all comfy where ever you are.
Ted and Louise